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"The Power of Now" written by Eckart Tolle is a book I read many years ago and has inspired me in many ways. The book was not an easy read for me, the kind that you read a paragraph and have to stop and think about it. By the time everything was said and done, I had probably read the pages within this book 10 times over. I like to think of myself as a well educated person but to really grasp what this author was teaching took alot of thinking. After several months of reading, I finally finished the book and got the one main message from it that needed to be received. I would like to share this message with everyone. According to Eckart Tolle, there is no such thing as the past or present. The past is something that has occurred but is intangible and ultimately lost. The future does not exist, it is only a time frame in which your mind makes up a belief of what is coming. In reality, all we ever really have is right this moment. Think about that for a minute. The big problem here is that most people never actually live in the moment. It is if there life passes them by in a blur. They are always thinking about something that they achieved or something that will happen later today, tomorrow, next week, next month, etc... Now, this concept is something that I have been trying to achieve for quite some time and have been on that "search" for how to obtain it. Having lived most of my personal life on past memories or future endeavors, I never really got to enjoy myself in what I was doing in the present. In addition, someone once told me that something good comes out of everything. No matter what that is, a divorce, being laid off work, the loss of a loved one and so on, something good comes out of it. I have constantly tried to pass this concept through my questioning mind. What good could possibly come out of my beloved cousin's death? I have thought about this all summer and the other day as I was driving back from a summer spent in Whistler, BC it hit me like a brick.. For the first time in 29 years of my existence, I have come one step closer to living in the moment. I found my self driving back to Boulder, Colorado excited about my life, having just spent the most amazing summer that I have ever had and excited about moving back to Boulder. Up until that moment driving in my car, I hadn't thought for one second this summer about what I was going to do when I got back home. Where was I going to do for work?? Where was I going to live? What am I going to do when school starts again? This epiphany that took place in my car was very, very clear. It was as if Casey's death was my wake up call. It was as if life wound up and slapped me right in the back of the head. I now finally understood the good that could come from this. The loss of Casey taught me that life is precious and that you have to live the biggest life you can because it is short and you never know when your ride will be over. Thank you Casey, for bringing me into the moment, into something that I have been searching for my entire existence. Your life shines within me, in everything that I do, and I am very thankful that you have showed me how to obtain what I couldn't find on my own. I love you Casey, miss you and look forward to seeing you again someday. It will probably be many, many years from now before we are together again, but we will meet again. I look forward to the "infamous" Casey hug that I will get when I see you. Until then.............

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Well put, I must say! Casey is indeed an inspiration to us all. I am learning new things every day about our dear, sweet Casey---things that make me a very proud Auntie. And thanks for making me laugh: "the infamous Casey hug"!!! How can we EVER forget those hugs!
Quite an inspirational comment. We all do remember Casey for many things. The Casey hug is truly one our family does remember. Thanks for joining the network. Love mom
Very interesting Curtis. I look forward to seeing you when you come home.
As you know, I love Eckhart Tolle's message. I had passed on his first book, "Practicing The Power of Now" to both Casey and Brett (were you listening to those CD's in the car on your long drive home?). Casey read it and we had a few discussions about it. She agreeed with the concept and I know, certainly lived life to its fullest. Living in the now is something that I have to constantly remind myself to do, and it has gotten a bit easier with practice. When I get anxious or stressed I often realize that it is because I am not in the "now". I am glad that Casey has provided you with this inspiration. Love you Curt. Aunt Dianne
Hi Curt: We don't know each other but we do have something in common - Casey.
I loved your article and I must say that you learned something else from Casey. You learned how to put down on paper, the most wonderful words. You made Casey proud.
Thanks. I am glad that you liked what I wrote. I feel like I have met you before ever so briefly. Are you friends with Casey up at school in NYC?? I am starting to get all of Casey's friends mixed up because she has so many. And to all my family members who responded, Look forward to seeing you over the Holidays.. See Ya....


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