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Yes, the meeting which was scheduled for yesterday was rescheduled (not by us), to Nov.19th. Casey's accident is being used as an example to support changes in the existing law in NJ. Assembly bill 1329 (attached) is pending and would provide more specific language than the existing statutes. However, according to Sgt. Charles Simonson,
Traffic Safety Unit, Ocean City Police Department, this " bill does not address an issue of concern. There is no specific wording in the current or pending legislation that says a pedestrian must make their intention to cross known prior to entering the intersection. This makes the pedestrian entry into the intersection the traffic control, and places them in harms way. Basically, it has become a game of chicken in which both parties don't know the law, so they cannot uphold their obligation to abide by the law. The current and pending laws further complicate the problem because they are written in negative language that is too complicated. The language should be simple and direct, for example "a pedestrian shall"... "a driver shall"..... and it is my hope that any legislative action would include aspects that specifically address this case for pedestrian safety as well as operators who multi-task."

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Forgot to include the website to NJ statutes. I believe that the relevant portions concerning pedestrians is found in Title 39, Article 6.


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